Current Campaign



On January 1, 2019, our Mona’s Million Project kicked off! This is our capital campaign to help increase our impact throughout the nation, but housed in Western New York.  We’ve been able to assist 70 human trafficking victims in Western New York rebuild their lives through our programs and housing.  However, in 2019 we are looking to expand our reach significantly.  Our goals for 2019 are as follows:

1.       The Application- A film that will be on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and other streaming sources that tells the story of Mona in a dramatic way to raise awareness about human trafficking.

2.        Acquire Larger Property- The property we would like to acquire will allow us to house comfortably 105 women who are victims or relatives of trafficking victims and some of their children.

3.       Billboard Campaign- We will run a billboard campaign for one month spreading awareness about Human Trafficking  on 50 billboards in Western New York.

4.       Outreach- To organically reach 19,000 People in Western New York.

5.       Increase Staff of Abolitionists- Our goal is to build a larger team of paid staff who can help us fight against human trafficking and restore its victims. Some positions that we would like to create are: fundraising director, marketing and social media manager, artistic outreach curator, and operations manager.

We would be honored if your organization would partner with us for our 2019 Mona’s Million Project as we aim to raise 1 Million Dollars to help fight human trafficking and restore its victims. We are open to discussing what that partnership will look like and how it can benefit both of our organizations.  Let’s fight for Freedom TOGETHER! 


Mona’s Million Project How would you feel to know that your dollars served to invest into someone’s freedom? Give today.