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Are you familiar with these names? Keiana Aldrich, Patrice Smith, Chrystul Kizer, and Alexis Martin. WE ALL SHOULD BE! This is just a short list of people who have experienced double victimization.


We use the term Double victimization when a person is first victimized by a trafficker or purchaser, and secondly victimized by the judicial system by being sentenced to jail for being a victim. Our team did extensive research and found names of many people you should know. 


We believe these victims should not have spent even one day in jail, much less, YEARS. Our hope is that you will know their names, say their names, and do all that is within your power to help them. 




We learn as much as we can about each case.  We track down family members, friends, and lawyers so that we can be responsible in the information that we share.


We find existing petitions and encourage you to sign them.  If one does not exist, we create it.


We write the victims to encourage them and let them they are not forgotten. 

We write to kindly remind them that they stand for all people, even those who have been forgotten.


We raise funds to send care packages, and donate to legal funds to help those affected by double victimization the freedom they deserve.


We are loud when we see injustice.  We cry for Freedom until those who deserve it have it.  We encourage our followers to do the same.  Let freedom ring for all.

Their names


Chrystul Kizer


Chrystul Kizer is a name that everyone should know. She became a victim of human trafficking at a young age and therefore, was not given the opportunity to enjoy her childhood. She was exploited by a person that she once trusted and believed was the only friend she had. Chrystul was charged with arson and first-degree intentional homicide, an offense that carries a mandatory life sentence in Wisconsin.


Meet Alexis Martin


Alexis, or as she likes to be called Ke due to her middle name Ke’Erica, Martin is now a 22 year old woman who has experienced double victimization. Alexis was a victim of sex trafficking, and yet she was charged with the murder of her trafficker. She spent years in prison, but she is now out on parole. However, she should not even be on parole since she was the victim.

Ke grew up in Akron, Ohio with her older sister and younger brother and sister. She had many issues growing up. Her mother was involved with drugs and had gone to prison for drug trafficking. Alexis was also molested by her stepfather when she was young. She was also raped from the age of 9 until 11 years old. Her rapist had even gone to court and there was DNA evidence that this man had raped her, but her rapist was found not guilty. This diminished Alexis’s faith in the judicial system.

Hope Zeferjohn

Meet Hope Zeferjohn


Hope Zeferjohn is a name everyone should know. Hope became a victim of human trafficking at such a young age and was neglected throughout her childhood. She was exploited by a person she thought loved and cared for her, but instead was manipulated. Hope was charged with 10 felonies and was sentenced for 15 years at the age of seventeen.


Hope was living in Salina, Kansas where she was the second born child to Terry and Melody. This was Terry's third marriage and also had two other children from previous marriages. Their family was very poor, violent, and was constantly looking for a source of income. At the age of 14, Hope was introduced to her older sister's boyfriend, 24 year old Anthony ‘Angel’ Long. It was known that Long had a record and was charged with domestic battery, assault, and criminal threats against an ex girlfriend in 2013. Hope had no idea that her life was about to change due to this predator.


Meet "Yvette"


Twenty-eight year old “Yvette” currently sits behind bars in the state of Texas. The name “Yvette” is a pseudonym used to protect the identity of this young woman who is a victim of double victimization. Yvette grew up surrounded by chaos. As a child, she was a victim of sexual abuse and was never given the stability that a young woman needs in order to grow and thrive in society. At the age of 15, she ran away from her San Antonio home to escape sexual abuse.


In the years following her escape, Yvette began working as a dancer to support herself. During this time she fell victim to a drug and alcohol addiction. By the time Yvette was 23, she had been targeted by a pimp in San Antonio, Texas, who went by the nickname “Red Nose''. This man trafficked Yvette and other victims in a prostitution ring that was run out of Texas.

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