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Little Victories: Passport Appointments

Sometimes the little victories are celebrated by all of the women that we serve at once!

We are happy to share that all of the women living at Mona’s House currently have appointments set to get their passports! Many survivors of human trafficking come to us with very little possessions, and often do not have personal identification on them.

This is common to see among victims and survivors of human trafficking, as traffickers will frequently take any ID that their victims have and hold it as collateral. Their ID may be taken without their knowledge, making those who are trafficked unable to apply for jobs, find proper housing, and cover other basic needs.

With that being said, once our women have their passports, they have the opportunity to re-establish their legal identity, and re-gain a sense of themselves on a more personal level.

We are hopeful that by September 2021 everyone currently living at Mona’s House will have a passport in their hands!

PHOTO/Graphic: Dehsah

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