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Why I Fight For Freedom - Brittney McDonald-Allen

My name is Brittney and I serve as the FreeThem Center Manager. I was originally introduced to Project Mona’s House by two friends to serve with the YWEA program. I started teaching them how to start businesses using the Cricut machine. 

I am a crafter and love teaching and working with the youth, so this was a great opportunity for me to serve my community, plus my daughter Nialah had already been a part of the YWEA when it started back in 2020. I automatically knew that I was walking into something great since I had seen so much growth in my own child through this program. 

I then began to grow in the organization by teaching and volunteering for multiple events in the community. When the Jefferson crisis happened on 5/14 Kelly went out in the community to serve, and she asked for me to help serve food alongside her. I knew from that day forward that doing this work was where I needed to be. I wanted to be beside her and supporting in any and every way that I was able to help and I knew it was my calling and purpose being fulfilled by walking beside her. 

Fast forward to now in 2023, I am now a full time employee of Project Mona’s House and wouldn’t change it for the world. All the knowledge and resources that I am gathering has been outstanding and I am proud to serve the women and empowered girls inside the FreeTHEM Center. 

I am grateful for Kelly and all that she does for the community and the women in her organization. I am especially grateful for her giving me a life changing opportunity to work as the Manager of the FreeThem Center and help to take her vision to the next level. 

I prayed and asked God for this opportunity and to lead me in the direction that he wanted me to go. All He asked from me was to be still and patient and once I was obedient he led me right to Project Mona’s House.  

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