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Breaking News: 64 arrested, 2 rescued during "Operation Reclaim and Rebuild"

On February 3rd, 2021, CBS Los Angeles reported that dozens of arrests were made during a human trafficking sting in Riverside County, California.

During this operation, a total of 64 people were arrested, and two women were rescued. This week-long effort was completed by the Riverside County Anti-Human Trafficking Task Force. According to CBS Los Angeles, “[this] proactive enforcement operation...targeted online prostitution”. The task force was able to make contact with two women being forced to engage in acts of prostitution against their will.

In total, 61 males and one female were arrested for solicitation of prostitution. Additionally, one male was arrested for soliciting a minor for lewd purposes, while another male was charged with supervising/aiding a person to commit prostitution.

Throughout the operation, officials visited locations previously known for sex trafficking activity. At these locations, they set up sting operations, while also targeting businesses that have been previously reported for illegal sexual activity.

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Source: CBS Los Angeles

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