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Volunteers = Heartbeat of an organization

Volunteers are the real strength of a non-profit organization.  To be honest, if it were not for the commitment of volunteers, Project Mona's House would have closed years ago.  It was because of volunteers that we are where we are today, and for that we are grateful.  Volunteers at Project Mona's House is just another word for FAMILY.  We are always open to new family members joining us... will that be you?

SOME open positions
(non-exhaustive list)

Volunteer Lead

Volunteer Lead= person who keeps our volunteer family informed, engaged, and encouraged.

Women Colleagues
Outreach team

Outreach team= People willing to be trained to teach others about Human Trafficking

Public Speaker
Hands on Deck Team

This team is filled with people who help as needed.  From setting group events, to mailing out letters and making calls.  They are the backbone of our family.

Image by krakenimages

If you are interested in joining our Project Mona's House Volunteer team  the first step is to sign up for a volunteer orientation.  You can do that by clicking the button below.

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