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Who We Are + What We Do 


Project Mona’s House exists to shed light on the terrible crime of human trafficking, to restore those who have been victimized and prevent it from ever happening again through education, legislation, and Christ's compassion.  A result of fulfilling this will be freedom for all people... FOREVER!

Women in Woolen Sweaters
Our Mission
Rearview of a Woman


We will see human trafficking outlawed and eradicated in our lifetime.  

We will see safe places for women and girls all across the USA.

We will see the day where human bodies will not be seen as commodities.  

"Harriet Tubman left the blueprint, we are just following it.  We are lighting up the path to freedom... can you see it?"

Kelly Diane Galloway, Founder
Project Mona's House


1.  Spread awareness about human trafficking.

2.  Prevent human trafficking from ever taking place.

3.  Provide women with safe places to live as they rebuild their lives into something they are proud of.

4.  Provide girls with safe spaces to learn, grow, and build self esteem and self worth.

5.  Influence our communities to fight back against the culture of bodies being commodities. 

6.  Treating people with dignity and respect... ALWAYS!



Mona's House is designed to help women 18 and older who have been victims of any type of human trafficking.  WE ARE MORE THAN A SHELTER!  Women entering our PROGRAM are committed to becoming contributing and functioning members of society, rebuilding their lives and possibly assisting other women who may choose freedom one day too.  Our 12-24 month program is designed to bring healing to the whole woman-- mind, body, and soul.  We've specifically designed our holistic restoration program for women who have been victimized by human trafficking.  Below, you'll find the story of one woman's time at Mona's House.  


Awareness is the first form of prevention of human trafficking. It's been said that they eye doesn't see what the brain doesn't know.  At Project Mona's House we take awareness VERY seriously.  Our goal to educate our community is one of our top priorities.  We teach online webinars, in-person sessions, and have even created a film called Sold Next Door to show people that trafficking does happen in the USA by allowing two brave women to tell their story.  Watch the trailer below. 


The FreeTHEM Center is a Drop-In Center to aid human trafficking survivors as well as at-risk women and children in developing life skills and in receiving services in counseling and support.  Some services we provide will remove barriers to make treatment easily accessible to victims and survivors.
The FreeTHEM center allows us to expand the reach of Mona's House in order to benefit more women and children in the WNY area.  We will also offer programming which improves life chances of women we serve.  Our goal is to also provide services which work to prevent trafficking in women and children through the Young Women's Empowerment Program

Our goal is to provide a safe place for women to learn, heal, and grow.  Our curriculum is designed to guide women to be the overcomers they were destined to be. Mona’s Group provides a holistic form of  coaching that is coupled with life skills classes, workshops, and seminars to help its participants live successful lives and maximize their full potential. In addition to regular coaching sessions we offer:

  • Cooking classes

  • Finance and investments sessions

  • Resume writing and job readiness classes

  • Healthy family workshops

  • Web design courses

  • Entrepreneurship coaching  

Office Space


The Young Women's Empowerment Academy is our effort to prevent Human Trafficking and other crimes against girls in grades 2nd-12th.  We work with populations who are classified as being more vulnerable and susceptible to this crime and give them education, skills, entrepreneurship training and a community they can always depend on.  We have created our own Empowerment Girl Curriculum and we see lives changed daily. For more information click HERE 

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