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Breaking News: Florida sheriff's deputy rescues missing girl, 13, from motel room with man...

Around 6:15 pm on a Thursday in February, the Volusia Sherriff’s Office learned that a 13-year-old was missing. The girl’s grandmother reported that she never came home from school that day. Additionally, she did not show up to her basketball game that was scheduled after school.

According to FOX News, Deputy Royce James was assigned to the case, and was ultimately able to track down her whereabouts. From body camera footage, James is seen speaking with one of the teen’s friends. The friend indicated that the girl had plans to go to a hotel room to meet someone that she met online. The friend was able to give James the name of the man the girl was meeting up with, and mentioned that he was from Orlando. According to the friend, the girl was picked up by the man from a dollar store in Oak Hill.

After receiving this information, James went to the dollar store to review surveillance footage. On the footage, the girl could be seen, and several employees explained that they recognized the girl from earlier. James began checking motels in the area, and eventually found a name that matched, with an address out of Orlando.

When the Deputy knocked on the suspect’s room, a shirtless man opened the door. The body camera footage shows James ordering the man to sit on the couch, while the victim can be seen quickly running to James’ side.

The suspect has been charged with interference with child custody and traveling to meet after using a computer to lure a child.

Source: FOX News

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