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Breaking News: Sky documentary series focuses on sexual exploitation in the modeling industry

Thanks to an investigation team run by Osborne and U.K. newspaper The Guardian, Wonderhood Studios is seeking to shed light on sexual abuse in the modeling industry.

In this upcoming three-part series, all-female journalists and investigators, including Lucy Osborne, will showcase how the practices of the modeling industry allowed “predators [to operate] in plain sight” (Variety). The series will feature personal testimony, and footage from events throughout various locations in America and Europe.

According to Variety, Osborne stated, ““We look forward to creating a series that will also sensitively explore the bigger picture — how abuse is facilitated, how victims are silenced and the lasting impact on women.”

Furthermore, chief creative officer at Wonderhood Studio, Samantha Anstiss explained, “[Modeling] has always been a world of beguiling glamour and opportunity, but as the testimonies of so many survivors reveal, it became a much darker place. We feel privileged to be able to help to get the voices of women heard and hope the series will go some way to effecting change" (Variety).

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Source: Variety

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