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"Oh, Give Her Everything!"

First it was a Throwback Thursday, and now?! You guessed it - this time it's Flashback Friday with Kate! If you have seen some of my other posts, you already know that I learn something new every day at Mona's House. With that being said, imagine my surprise when Kelly sent me a picture of her and Whoopi Goldberg?! Or, as Kelly calls her, "Auntie Whoopi"!

According to Kelly, she and Whoopi Goldberg met a few years ago. During their meet up, Kelly began telling Whoopi more about herself and the work that she does with victims of human trafficking. Whoopi became very interested in learning more, and wanted to help Kelly's efforts.

According to Kelly, during the conversation, Whoopi contacted an employee and said something to the effect of "Oh give her everything!".

When it came time to open the restoration home now known as Project Mona's House, Whoopi Goldberg was the first person to make a donation. Goldberg donated 49 boxes of items, an entire truck full of furniture and other items from movie sets, and much more.

It's honestly so amazing to know that someone like Whoopi has the same values and goals as people like you and me. Whoopi knew that she was in a position to help, and poured her resources into an organization that meant something more.

Here's to sharing more throwbacks, and helping you learn MORE about the work that we do every single day!

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