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Hey Friends! Kelly here, founder of Project Mona's House.  A few years ago I was talking to my Uncle Wayne about my family history.  It was then I learned that I am only the 3rd generation of my family born free... meaning not on plantation full of enslaved people.  I am a descendant of those bought and sold for sex, labor, medical experimentation, and even entertainment.  My ancestors were trafficking victims and I can still feel the effects of that travesty today.  

While on my quest to learn more about my family, I learned that even after legal slavery was "abolished", my great grandfather and other family members still lived on the plantation.  In utter disbelief I asked my uncle "why didn't they leave?"  His response was simple, sobering, and painful.  He said "Kelly, they didn't have any place to go.  All they knew was the plantation"

That same answer was given to me by a human trafficking court judge when she told me that safe housing was the number one need amongst those who were victimized by modern day slavery.  THAT IS WHY my team and I decided to open up Project Mona's House.  There was an immediate need, and we wanted to be a part of the solution. 

However, we now have a greater need before us.  There are more women, and women with children who are in need of housing and our residential program.  In just 3 short years we have been able to transform 34 lives in our residential program over 220 in our groups and 72 in our independent living program.  WE NEED YOU TO HELP US DO MORE!

Our new facility will house women who have been trafficked AND their children which is a population that we were unable to serve before.  We will also house women who are a part of vulnerable communities and are at a higher risk to be trafficked.  We are excited to do more... but not without your help!

We are asking for 125 people, businesses, organizations , churches, temples, and friend groups to PLEDGE $8,000 towards the first phase of our new facility by December 17, 2021.  If you are interested in helping us bring freedom to more people, make your pledge below!

Yours in the fight,

Kelly Diane

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