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A Day with Karen DuPiche

Hi everyone 👋 it's Kate here!

I am the Digital Manager at Project Mona's House! You may be used to seeing my name on social media, the "Breaking News" and "Little Victories" blogs, or this could be the first time you're seeing my name at all. I started working at Project Mona's House in July 2020, and I can easily say that I learn something new every single day.

Speaking of which, a few days ago I was chatting with our founder, Kelly, over the phone. Kelly and I were having a conversation about some upcoming posts and all things social media... ok maybe not ONLY social media - but still!

During our discussion, Kelly started telling me about the early days of Project Mona's House. Specifically, Kelly mentioned that the women at Mona's House received makeovers from professional stylists in 2017. Below, you can see a quite powerful photo from this incredible event.

The photo captures a moment between Jackie Croom and Emmy Award-winning make-up artist Karen DuPiche (@karendupiche). Kelly explained that Karen, and other stylists from "The View", visited the women at Mona's House at High Klass Hair (@highklass_hair) in Buffalo, NY. The women of Mona's House would be making an appearance at a gala later that day.

(Ok, I was wowed - talk about learning something new every day!)

Honestly, this photo really struck me. I didn't even have to be at the event to recognize that these makeovers meant so much more to the women and stylists alike. In this capture, Karen DuPiche is seen wiping the tears of Jackie Croom. The two are in the midst of a deep conversation, which we often find ourselves in with hair stylists, makeup artists, etc. Jackie is a survivor and overcomer of human trafficking.

It was incredible to me how quickly Karen and Jackie connected. Moreover, the photo captures how the women of Mona's House were pampered and treated as the strong, beautiful women that they are. Meanwhile, the stylists present, such as Karen DuPiche, were able to showcase their talents and passion for making others feel beautiful inside and out - no matter their background or struggles.

Ultimately, it made me realize that we all have the same end goal. Each and every one of us can use our own unique talents to help restore women and other survivors to their fullest potential. By doing so, we continue to help spread awareness, and bring an end the terrible crime of human trafficking.

What does this photo say to you?

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