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Breaking News: Sex trafficking victims sue Norcross hotel owners

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

A Red Roof Inn in Norcross, Georgia is facing a lawsuit for allegedly keeping a house of prostitution and allowing sex trafficking to occur. This is in violation of the racketeering statues that are in place in Georgia.

Two women, aged 21 and 20 have come forward claiming that they were trafficked at the hotel for several days in 2016 when they were teenagers. This lawsuit is one of three filed against Red Roof Inn, all alleging that prostitutions and trafficking were allowed to occur on their premises. At least 14 victims of sex trafficking have come forward with claims of these hotels turning a blind eye to what was going on.

According to the Gwinnett Daily Post, “the lawsuit cites several TripAdvisor reviews that reported prostitutions happened at the hotel”. Additionally, several other criminal incidents were noted at the hotel location, which victims feel should have indicated to the owners what was going on on the premises.

These criminal incidents included individuals staying at the hotel being charged with rape, prostitution, pimping, keeping a house of prostitution, attempted rape, aggravated child molestation, and cocaine possession.

The women also stated that the “extraordinary number” of used condoms left in hotel trash cans should have indicated to the hotel operators that much more was going on. According to the lawsuit, one of the victims alleged that eight to 10 men were visiting the room each day.

Moreover, this lawsuit is not the first time that this hotel in particular, and others in the surrounding area have been called out. At least five other Red Roof Inn affiliated hotels in both Georgia and Atlanta have been listed in sex trafficking and prostitution lawsuits.

According to the Gwinnett Daily Post, Red Roof Inn has not yet commented on the pending charges.

Source: Gwinnett Daily Post

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