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Breaking News: Arrest in Maryland

Police have arrested and charged a Montgomery County man who has reportedly invited a minor to pay for sexual activity with a child via the internet. The man charged, Tony Quintanilla, has since been arrested and charged with sexual solicitation of a minor, and human trafficking.

According to WDVM, contacted the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) regarding a suspected child exploitation on November 27th. The social media site shared information about Quintanilla and chat logs of conversations with a minor to the NCMEC. Quintanilla was using MeetMe to invite a minor to engage in sexual acts with a child that he knows.

Following the distribution of information, an investigation was launched. According to police, Quintanilla has been living with numerous families in the Maryland area. Officials are concerned that there are additional victims, and are calling on anyone who has information to come forward.

Source: WDMV

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