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Breaking News: Henderson firefighter among those arrested in Las Vegas sting operation

A Henderson firefighter was among those arrested in Las Vegas earlier this week. The suspects in this case are facing charges of soliciting a child for prositution, and luring a child via computer for a sex act. Those taken into custody include Eric Whaley, Khaing Tun, Dulguun Uranbaatar, Jose Aguliar, Ryan Goida, and Jeremiah Pale.

According to FOX 5 KVVU-TV, “[a Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department] officer would pose as a 15-year-old juvenile and post prostitution advertisements online. The suspects would reach out to the phone number listed on the advertisement and begin communicating with the undercover officer”.

The undercover officer would state to the men that she was underage, but the suspects would still follow through with the transaction. The suspects would then agree to meet the “girl” and pay for sex.

After a meeting place was arranged, police would wait for the suspect to arrive, arrest them, and conduct interviews. In one interview, Aguliar explained that he thought the girl was lying about her age. Another suspect, Goida, insisted that he was not aware of the girl’s age, despite text message evidence from the decoy. Suspect Tun had a similar response as Goida, and was found with cash and condoms when he was arrested.

Pale was found with $100 cash in his pocket, which was the same amount that the decoy had asked for payment. Pale did admit to the fact that he arranged to meet with an underaged girl. However, suspect Uranbaatar told police that he never messaged a girl about sex, depite sending a photo of himself to the undercover cop.

Suspect Whaley, a Henderson firefighter, reportedly invoked his right to an attorney when he was placed under arrest. According to the Henderson Fire Department, Whaley is on paid administrative leave.

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Source: FOX 5, KVVU-TV

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