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Breaking News: Pediatrician arrested in pedophile sting after showing up to meet an underage girl

According to The Daily Mail, a pediatrician named Dylan O’Connor has been arrested and placed on unpaid administrative leave after arranging to meet with an underage girl for sex. To O’Connor’s surprise, he was met by police officers who had been posing as the underage girl. According to the Daily Mail, “The officers posed online as the girl and told him she was underage, but he still arranged to meet them for sex”.

Prior to this sting operation carried out by the police, O’Connor had sent the girl explicit photos. At this time, it is unclear whether the photos were of him or someone else. Nonetheless, authorities confirmed that they were pornographic.

Approximately one week ago, O’Connor was arrested immediately after driving to the address where he believed he would meet the underage girl. O’Connor was taken into custody on charges of sending harmful material to a juvenile and traveling to meet a minor for lewd purposes. Authorities began investigating O’Connor prior to the sting operation after receiving a tip from the San Jose Police Department.

Following his arrest, O’Connor’s biography has been removed from the Stanford Children Hospital’s website. The hospital immediately placed O’Connor on unpaid administrative leave, and explained that he has been relieved of all duties. They have also recognized that the charges are serious criminal offenses.

O'Connor is currently awaiting a court date.

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Source: The Daily Mail

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