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Breaking News: Reddit faces lawsuit for failing to remove child sexual abuse material

According to The Verge, “A woman has sued Reddit for allowing an ex-boyfriend to repeatedly post pornographic images of her as a 16-year-old.” The woman explained that an abusive ex-boyfriend posted sexual photos and videos that he took without her knowledge or consent back in 2019.

After she was made aware of the content, the woman alerted Reddit moderators. The moderators would wait several days before removing any of the content that she mentioned. Additionally, the man was able to continue posting using a new account after his previous one was banned. When Reddit was unhelpful, the woman began monitoring at least 36 subreddits on her own time. These subreddits were used by her ex-boyfriend to continuously post child pornography.

Because of this, the woman is currently seeking a class action suit for herself and any other person who has had similar photos or videos posted to Reddit while they were under 18. The woman has accused Reddit of distributing child pornography, failing to report child sexual abuse material, and violating the Trafficking Victims Protection Act.

Further, The Verge mentions that “The lawsuit argues that Reddit knew its site was a hub for illegal photos and videos, based on news coverage and tips from users themselves, and it should have done more to protect victims.”

Source: The Verge

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