Hello FreeTHEM Family,


I hope that you are all having an amazing day.  We currently have about 51 volunteers on our roster, but we only get the chance so see about 20 of you on a consistent basis.  We’ve prayed, and put our minds together to see how we can see you more often and the word that we came up with is ACTIVATE.


It’s activation season.  We have a lot of ways you can serve.  We WANT you to serve because we know you are passionate about preventing and ending slavery, and restoring those affected by it. 


This is your call to action.  Please register for a team to join below, and attend the virtual activation and informational meeting.


All Hands Team-  This is the committee who helps put our Monthly ALL HANDS meeting together.  This includes booking entertainment, getting food donated, and running a fun, informative, and memorable meeting.

Meeting Date:

5/9/2022 @ 8:00pm

Register by clicking here: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZclfu6spjsrE9fibmTr30SNLq5jfreb9V5E

Volunteer Team - This team will help manage our volunteer family.  Your team will be responsible for making sure volunteers go through the onboarding process and become active within 3 months.  You will help recognize volunteers of the month, plan fun volunteers days twice a month and keep our volunteers engaged and happy.

Meeting Date:

5/10/2022 @ 6:15-7:15pm

Register by clicking here:


Events Team - This is a committee that helps to plan events that Project Mona’s House hosts for the public, and attends events where we are the guest and have to set up a table.  An example of an event we plan would be our annual Gala.  An event that we are a guest at would be Slow Roll; we would come and set up a table but slow roll would be responsible for everything else.  This team would make sure we have fun giveaways and handouts to give to visitors.

Meeting Date:

5/12/2022 @ 6:15-7:15pm

Register by clicking here:



Fundraising Team - This team would work directly with the Executive team.  In order for project Mona’s House to keep it’s doors open, stable and consistent funding is needed.  This team will work with the director to brainstorm and implement funding ideas

Meeting Date:

5/11/2022 @ 7-8pm

Register by clicking here:



PAC Team - This is the programs and activities committee.  They bring the passion and talents of our volunteers together and run programs for the women who use the FreeTHEM Center as a safe space.  If you like reading, writing, playing board games, running groups, watching movies, this may be a good way to connect with the women we serve.

Meeting Date: Register by clicking here:

5/5/2022 @ 1st Thursday every month


Meeting ID: 827 7960 9205

Passcode: 663389


House Team- This will be a group of women who will work inside monas house.  Helping to cook meals, clean, and keeping the women company.  If available, some overnights may be needed.

Meeting Date:

5/19/2022 @ 6pm

Register by clicking here:



Admin & Communications Team- This is a team who helps do the day to day tasks at the FreeTHEM Center. This will include, sending and checking emails, phone correspondence and first time donor thank you notes.  We also give tours to guests and host visitors.  This teams helps us stay on top of our daily goals.

Meeting Date:

5/9/2022 @ 730-8pm

Register by clicking here:



Outreach & Education Team- This team is trained by our director to go out and teach human trafficking 101 when we are booked. This can be done in person and virtually. 

Meeting Date:

5/16/2022 @ 6-7pm

Register by clicking here:



All Hands on Deck Team- This is for the group of people who want to work with Project Mona’s House, but don’t want to commit to a team because of their own reasons.  However if they are needed because someone called out, or we have a big event they want to be aware so they can lend a hand. 

Meeting Date: We will talk about this team at the monthly All Hands Meeting