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Little Victories: The power of healing

One of the women at Mona’s House will no longer have to attend our group counseling sessions!

When a woman is brought to Mona’s House, she is given various tools and resources to assist her in the healing process. Upon arrival, each woman is required to attend both individual and group counseling sessions. Throughout the healing process, everyone develops a strategy that helps them begin to overcome.

When Mona’s House was first established, a member of the midtown bible church gave us journals to use. After we received this kind donation, we encouraged our women to spend time journaling every night. For this woman, journaling has been an integral part of her healing. She explained that journaling every night, paired with her counseling sessions, has helped her progress quickly.

While she will continue to attend individual counseling, this woman has made it to the point in our program where group counseling will no longer be required.

We celebrate this because she will now be able to spend more time searching for work, and will no longer have to adjust her hours to the group counseling schedule. Having a more open and flexible weekly schedule will allow her to find more sustainable employment when she is ready to do so.

PHOTO: Reyna Noriega

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