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Little Victories: The final month at Mona's House

We are overjoyed to share that this is the final month for one of the women currently living at Mona’s House!

This woman has participated in the Mona’s House program for the past two years, and has persisted through every challenge she has experienced thus far. When she first arrived at our restoration home, she was exactly 30 days clean from crack. Now, she is almost two years clean which is an incredible win in itself!

During her first few months at Mona’s House, she mentioned to us that she wanted to be a chef. We are so proud to say that she is now working for a restaurant, and has been dedicated to saving her money. Recently, she got approved to move into an apartment, and plans to move out next month!

To us, all of these accomplishments are incredible victories and deserve to be recognized! It was the furthest from easy, but this woman stuck it out and completed our program! We could not be more proud!

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