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Little Victories: Who is "Mona"?

Ever wonder who the “Mona” of Project Mona’s House really is? The story begins with our founder, Kelly, back in 2016...

In 2016, Kelly was working in Thessaloniki, Greece, as an intern with A21, a global anti-trafficking organization. Here, she met a woman named Ramona. According to Kelly, Ramona changed her life.

Ramona and her husband agreed that they needed to make extra money to provide a better life for their 3 children. Ramona was trafficked from the Dominican Republic into Turkey under the assumption that she was going there to work as a maid.

Instead, she was taken to work in a brothel.

Refusing to obey those who tried to enslave her, Ramona was assaulted and thrown out on the street. Despite being unable to speak, read, or understand the Turkish language, Ramona found help. She eventually got on refugee boat that landed in Greece. Once she arrived, Ramona was escorted into a refugee camp.

This camp recognized the signs of human trafficking, and transferred Ramona into the shelter that Kelly was working in. According to Kelly, while other women in the shelter fought, argued, and didn't get along from time to time, Ramona was always peaceful.

One morning while Ramona was drinking her coffee , Kelly asked her how she remained so calm. Ramona smiled, and said that her faith in God wouldn't let her be miserable and treat others badly. She knew God was always there with her, even when she felt lonely. The suffering Ramona was facing was in no way comparable to the amazing future that was ahead for her.

That day, Kelly called her office and said, "Hey! The house we hope to open one day... CHANGE THE NAME! I want it to be called Mona's House". Ramona's is the epitome of hope to all of us.

This is why our restoration home Mona's House... because HOPE lives HERE.

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