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Little Victories: A Major Milestone

Currently, Project Mona’s House is serving numerous women. One of the women just recently celebrated a major milestone.

This woman was previously trafficked for 4 years by someone who she initially considered her boyfriend. Within 2 months, her trafficker began giving her cocaine. Soon after, she felt like she needed him to survive and carry on. When she didn’t have drugs, she would get nightmares and have trouble sleeping. Her trafficker made her believe that no one would want her after everything she had done, causing her to become estranged from her family.

When she was brought to Project Mona's House, the woman often referred to her trafficker as her boyfriend. One of the most difficult things that she faced was accepting the fact that he was in fact her trafficker, and not her boyfriend. She now refers to him as her trafficker, which is a massive step in her path to freedom.

While this woman is still on her journey, she recently celebrated being 6 months clean. To commend her for this milestone, the women at Mona’s House celebrated with buffalo wings, pizza, and a homemade cake!

At Project Mona's House, THIS is why we do what we do.

Photo: Kashyn Sky Art

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