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Little Victories: A new wardrobe

Often, when women are brought to Mona’s House, they have nothing. While some have few possessions with them, others quite literally arrive with nothing more than the clothes on their backs.

This was the case for one woman recently, who came to Mona’s House only with the clothes she was wearing. She arrived from a different state, and mentioned that she had not felt like herself for a long time. The woman no longer felt pretty, and was struggling with her self-esteem, as many survivors do when they regain freedom.

However, all of her feelings began to change recently. After she mentioned that she no longer felt pretty, we knew that something more had to be done. Soon after she arrived, we brought the woman to High Klass Hair (@highklass_hair) to get her hair twisted and redone. During her visit to High Klass Hair, the owner of the salon heard the woman’s story and felt compelled to help.

Soon after, the owner went out with our founder, determined to provide the woman with a brand new wardrobe. The owner graciously bought new clothes for her - including pants, shirts, undergarments, etc.

These simple actions can often change a survivor’s life in DAYS. A woman who once had nothing more than the clothes on her back now has an entire wardrobe to lift her spirits, and can begin to move forward. Although she is early on in her healing process, it's steps such as these that begin to propel survivors forward.


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