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Little Victories: Dreams become reality

Each and every one of the women that we serve have their own unique talents and skills. Throughout our program, we encourage women to lean on their talents, and use them to their advantage in the healing process. For one woman, using creativity has been vital to her journey.

This woman has always had a dream of starting her own t-shirt line. When she gained freedom from her trafficker, the sky became the limit. After years of hardship, this dream is only beginning to become a reality.

Currently, this woman is in the process of starting her own t-shirt line. We are overjoyed to say that The FreeThem Center will support her in this journey! She will learn how to create her t-shirts using materials and equipment available at The FreeThem Center. Additionally, a member from the Leadership Buffalo team will teach her and other visitors how to use our new cricut and heat press machine to make their original designs come to life!

The FreeThem Center will assist the women that we serve with refining their skills, and expanding their opportunities. We can’t wait to update you on her journey as her dreams come to life!

Photo: Sofi

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29. Aug. 2021

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