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Little Victories: The basics of cooking

We recently held a cooking class for the women that we serve at Project Mona’s House. Among the women currently living at our house, some knew the basics of cooking before the class, while others did not.

We decided this was the perfect opportunity to bring in a professional, and help our women practice a new skill. While cooking may seem like a simple task, it is yet another way that the women can continue to gain freedom from their past. To assist with this process, over the past few months, a professional chef has been visiting Mona’s House to provide the women with cooking classes.

The chef has been helping us teach the women how to cook affordable and healthy meals for themselves. By learning different cooking techniques, the women we serve will walk away with valuable life skills that they will use to take care of themselves. It has been amazing watching the women transform in their abilities.

We are looking forward to watching them be creative and adventurous with recipes as they learn more!

Photo: Francia Messado

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