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Little Victories: The power of storytelling

There are many steps in the healing process for a survivor of human trafficking. A major milestone occurs when a survivor is able to tell their story. Moreover, another step in the healing process occurs when a survivor is ready to talk to authorities about the identity of their trafficker.

In some cases, survivors of human trafficking have an emotional connection with their trafficker, making the idea of turning them in uncomfortable. However, when they are given the proper resources to heal, survivors are better able to separate themselves from the individual.

One of the women that we serve has decided that she is ready to discuss her experience with the authorities. Over the past couple months, this woman has been making major progress in her healing. In the past, the idea of identifying her trafficker was something that she was not ready for.

After working with a counselor, she is beginning to become more comfortable with the concept of holding her trafficker legally accountable. The woman is now seeking justice herself because she knows she is safe, and recognizes that she is better protected.

It took awhile to get to this point, but we are so excited that she is finally feeling ready!


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