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Little Victories: The Pre-approval Letter

It’s a... pre-approval letter! On December 21st, 2020, one of the Project Mona's House women received a pre-approval letter.

This woman has been following our financial advisors advice, and saving her money (REALLY SAVING) in the midst of a global pandemic. Now, the time has come for her house hunt to officially begin!

Ideally, she would like to find a duplex so that she can make extra money. Ultimately, her main goal is to own multiple properties one day, which is something that her parents were never able to do.

When she first moved into Mona’s House, there was not a mirror in her room. Initially, she didn’t want to look at herself. After months, she began to learn what real love is, how to receive love, and to love herself. During this time, she asked for a mirror, and became ready to embrace all she is and has the capacity to become.

We work hard to forge good relationships with local businesses to make sure we can secure employment for women in our program when they are eligible to work. This woman in particular landed 2 interviews during her job search, and has been able to begin establishing herself!

At Project Mona’s House, THIS is our goal, and WHY we do what we DO!

Photo: Potpourrilla

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