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Little Victories: Two years of freedom, and two years clean!

Two years of freedom and two years clean, free from drugs! One of the women in the Project Mona’s House family is celebrating TWO years clean and free!

When we first met this woman, she was 22 years old. A task force at a hospital recognized her symptoms as signs of human trafficking, and knew to contact Project Mona’s House.

When she arrived, the woman was extremely timid, after being controlled and beaten by her trafficker for so long. With some time, a funny, goofy, and lively person would soon re-emerge. Our volunteers and team members wasted no time getting to know her better. They were able to help her sign up for health insurance, and get her in contact with appropriate resources.

We quickly noticed that the woman didn’t have any form of identification, such as a license, which is very common to see when working with victims and survivors of human trafficking.

With that being said, the next step was to head to the DMV to get her a new ID. The day that the physical license came in the mail, she was so beyond excited. She told us that the thing she was most excited about was her identification, because it made her feel like she was somebody for the first time in years.

Sometimes it’s really not the big things, but the little things that matter. In this case, we believe that being free and clean for two years is something BIG!

PHOTO: Kody Dishlevoy |

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